Monday, April 2, 2012

A knitters apology

This is photoless post... I am sorry to my followers for that. If I had photos I would share them... but alas... I do not.

I want to make this an open apology to my projects... my beautiful, fibre=y knitting projects... they must think they have done something wrong. I have not looked at them in ages. So here it goes...

Dear knitting projects...

My heart aches for the time where my life is a little bit simpler and full of knitting goodness. This time of year definitely not allow for that.... just look at the last time I blogged!

SO dear, sweet projects... I am so very very very sorry. Sorry for neglecting you... sorry for not picking you up... sorry for letting adulthood/life get in the way of my love for you!

However... it is april... and april means good good things! I will be trying to get to my weekly knit night at least twice this month AND the DOWNTOWN KNIT COLLECTIVE has their annual Knitters Frolic! I am so very excited. A whole day of anything and everything to do with fibre!

So do not despair dear, sweet projects... I will return to you... I am hopeful for sooner rather than later...

Forever Yours,

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  1. Can not wait for the frolic! I think I'll be working at Indigodragonfly's booth. Come say hi.