Year of Projects

Over on Ravelry, I am taking part in a group called Come Blong Along. It is loosely based on a challenge that a LYS (The Purple Purl) set up for itself last year, where they knit all the projects in an entire book.
As a part of this group, the participants are asked to choose as many projects as they would like to knit in a year.
I have recently revamped and edited my list and it will now be here... on this page!
The following list is the selection of items I have chosen to knit in the next year (now 10 months as 2 months have already flown by!). As always - this list may be edited from time to time... hopefull to add more items :)

Items for myself
1. Falling Water Slouchy Hat (finished Oct 2011)
2. Simple Summer Socks (in progress)
3.Angel Caplet (in progress)
4. Garter Stitch 2 colour wrap vest (in progress)
5. Branching Out lace scarf (finished Oct 2011)
6. Slouchy hat by Bernat (finished January 2011)
7. Christmas Rose Hat (finished Dec 2011)
8. Grace Socks
9. Girl Friday Sweater (in progress)

Items for the kiddies (2 boys)
1. Operation Christmas Box Slippers (finished August 2011)
2. Winter Hat
3. 2 pairs of Masculine Socks (finished December 2011)

For Others
1. Toe Up Totem Socks (finished August) 2011
2. Coffee Cozy (finished OCt 2011)

3. Flip Flop Socklets (finished Jan 2012)
4. Crochet Baby Converse (finished July 2011)
5. 6 hr afghan (finished Nov 2011)
6. Frilly Knit Scarf (4 of 4 finished Oct 2011)
7. Broken Rib Scarf for the husband!
8. Pirate Feet (finished Jan 2012)
9. Fairy Princess Skirt (finished Jan 2012)
10. Glam Shell Shawl (in progress)