Sunday, July 14, 2013

YoP3 update - WooHoo!

This week has been great! I managed to finish off the socks I was mentioning last week... although blogger still manages to annoy me... not letting me upload pictures... even the simple banner for this post! However, follow this project link and you should be able to see a great photo of the socks I made! Again, a great Shout-Out to IndigoDragonfly for the amazing fibre named "As God as my witness, I thought Turkeyscould fly" Happy Knitting! C.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

3rd Year of Projects?!? (yep.. imma doin' this...)

Here I go again... I did not participate well in year 3 of the Year of Projects, but fully intend to for year three... and I already have my rather reserved list... with hopes of working through my stash.. time will tell. I will quickly list here what I intend to work on over the next 365 days... err... correction... 358 days, since this new year of projects started a week ago - while I was in the Bahamas with the Family! First - I want to finish off a pair of socks I started while on vaycay last week... a simple apir of socks, for myself, dyed by the best indie-dyer ever IndigoDragonfly. The colourway of the sock yarn I am using for these sack is called - "As God as my witness... I thought Turkeys could fly" I am sure I will have FO pics next week... Once these socks are done - I will be working on a patterns for an open front vest (or sweater if I choose to make the arms) by the name of Whisper by Linda Benne. I am planning to use a lucious mohair-type fibre from Fleece Artist Then after that - I will likely turn back to my Black and Grey Vest of Doom. One that I have been working on (on and off actually) for a god three years... it tends to be my filler project when I need a break from current projects or am in-between projects. This year... it needs to get completed! Then the rest shall fall into place. I will make a more formal list once I have completely confirmed my list. I may make changes over the course of this week... Happy Knitting!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Back at it

Huge apologies for not posting in THE LONGEST TIME.

Life often gets in the way of things we love to do. Blogging unfortunately took the back burner after April of last year... knitting did not. It helped to keep me sane.

With a medical diagnosis of Darling son 1, Kindergarten starting for Darling son and job changes for both my husband and myself... I found myself with little time to blog.

However now I seem to be able to get back in touch with the world. And that is fantastic news!

In the midst of all this life happening, I did also stop participating in the Year of Projects and 12 for myself groups over on Ravelry... I will wait for Year of Projects take 3 to commence in July 2013 and believe me... I will be ready!

Just to give you all a glimpse of what I HAVE been working on though...

The infinity scarf was for me... and I wear it as much as I can! You should see the compliments I get about it.

The scarf and hat were for my husband. He has deemed them appropriate to wear to work back and forth... and that is huge for him - as his sense of style it hard to keep on top of. Apparently he gets lots of compliments about them too ;)

I will try and keep up with this blog more and more... especially since I now have an app for my iPad and iPhone, where I can do entries from anywhere.

Monday, April 9, 2012

List update

Wow - I felt like I had to dust off that banner above just now. I haven't put it on the top of one of my posts for what feels like a long long time.

That being said, after last weeks open forum apology to my knitting (which was supposed to be comedic with some truth mixed in..) I have managed to knit a little more this week than I have in recent past weeks.

Nothing much to report other than I am working like a mad woman trying to get through the grey and black wrap vest I have blogged about before. Enough is enough already! I has been on my needles for 13 months and I need my project bag space as well as the needles back etc. AND I really really really want to wear it to the local knitters frolic at the end of the month. Yet it stares at me in a bag while I write this post... taunting me so. As if to say - "ya right you'll get me finished in time... that is what you said LAST year". Well I am sure gonna try....

I have edited my list.... shocking. Slashed somethings... knowing full well I will ned to re locate them to next year. But I added an it. For my mother in law... for (dare I say it?) Christmas 2012. It is an intrigueing knit. Can hardly wait to fully sink my teeth into it... after the wrap vest ;)

Monday, April 2, 2012

A knitters apology

This is photoless post... I am sorry to my followers for that. If I had photos I would share them... but alas... I do not.

I want to make this an open apology to my projects... my beautiful, fibre=y knitting projects... they must think they have done something wrong. I have not looked at them in ages. So here it goes...

Dear knitting projects...

My heart aches for the time where my life is a little bit simpler and full of knitting goodness. This time of year definitely not allow for that.... just look at the last time I blogged!

SO dear, sweet projects... I am so very very very sorry. Sorry for neglecting you... sorry for not picking you up... sorry for letting adulthood/life get in the way of my love for you!

However... it is april... and april means good good things! I will be trying to get to my weekly knit night at least twice this month AND the DOWNTOWN KNIT COLLECTIVE has their annual Knitters Frolic! I am so very excited. A whole day of anything and everything to do with fibre!

So do not despair dear, sweet projects... I will return to you... I am hopeful for sooner rather than later...

Forever Yours,

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm back!

Just a quick note to check in and say i have not fallen off the face of the earth.

Haven't done much since the frilly skirt though either. BOO ME.

Made a nother pair of socks that look like these ones from Christmas

They don't go as high. More like ankle socks. But they were a simple pattern that I was able to do again.

Coming up this week though... I will probably post pictures of a wrap sweater I made for my girlfriends daughter... and hopefully will post a WIP of the socks I am making for her...

Happy to be back!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Frilly Yarn!

Apologies dear followers for being a day late in my regular Sunday posts! What a busy weekend... Annual training retreat for my job was this past weekend from friday to sunday and I came home sosososo tired.

So today was another day - full of fun and mommy nonsense. Regular day job + geo caching with the kiddies after school and chairing a monthly school council meeting... hardly a breather to even post today... but thanks to my exhausted kiddies... at 9:07pm I am (finally) able to post!

AND the best part? I have a finish to share from my YoP list ;)

This is the Frilly Princess Skirt I posted a magazine photo of a few weeks ago... it is SO cute... and now I have to make at least 2 more. This one was to be for my neice that will be 1 in June, but it looks like it may just fit my girlfriends daughter that will be 2 in July... so I will have to make a smaller size for my neice and a bigger size for my other neice.

I loved making this skirt - what a great use of a yarn that I thought I was other wise no longer interested in!

As I look at my list - I notice something... my finishes are mostly for OTHERS! Must focus on myself a little more I think ;)

Oh well... with this list - it looks like I will have no other choice but to do so! Except for a scarf for the husband...