Monday, February 6, 2012

Frilly Yarn!

Apologies dear followers for being a day late in my regular Sunday posts! What a busy weekend... Annual training retreat for my job was this past weekend from friday to sunday and I came home sosososo tired.

So today was another day - full of fun and mommy nonsense. Regular day job + geo caching with the kiddies after school and chairing a monthly school council meeting... hardly a breather to even post today... but thanks to my exhausted kiddies... at 9:07pm I am (finally) able to post!

AND the best part? I have a finish to share from my YoP list ;)

This is the Frilly Princess Skirt I posted a magazine photo of a few weeks ago... it is SO cute... and now I have to make at least 2 more. This one was to be for my neice that will be 1 in June, but it looks like it may just fit my girlfriends daughter that will be 2 in July... so I will have to make a smaller size for my neice and a bigger size for my other neice.

I loved making this skirt - what a great use of a yarn that I thought I was other wise no longer interested in!

As I look at my list - I notice something... my finishes are mostly for OTHERS! Must focus on myself a little more I think ;)

Oh well... with this list - it looks like I will have no other choice but to do so! Except for a scarf for the husband...


  1. So cute! It really is a great use for that yarn, and what little girl wouldn't love that?!

  2. That's so cute! And a really clever use of the yarn!

  3. Love the girliness! The frills are really awesome.
    Yes, treat yourself.

  4. So girly, and twirly and adorable!

  5. oh that is adorable!

    I am a lapsed geocacher - used to do lots when Small Girl was still content to sleep in a sling on my back. Looking forward to doing some more when the weather improves.

    Yes, definitely make more things for you too!

  6. That is so darn cute!!!! And I love finding uses for "that kind" of yarn. Well done!

  7. you DEF should join us for the Made it Hap-Pin posts! we want more people!!!