Sunday, January 22, 2012

non-productive week two...

This is not good... week two and nothing much to write here... yikes!

Similar to last week, I have been working diligently on side projects for co-workers, so that they may donate to my fundraising efforts for the Crop for the Cure - it is next weekend! I am so very excited!!!

I just finished some leg warmers tonight... i will post them on Friday, when i display some finished objects!

Thank you for visiting my blog - event though it is so very very uneventful...


  1. Hope all goes well at the event for you.

  2. It's very noble of you to knit for co-workers so they could donate $ to your fundraiser. No worries at all!

  3. Well done on knitting objects for your co workers, good idea.

  4. My blog post was also pretty uneventful for similar reasons :)
    I'm working away at socks for the Warm Hands Network's January shipment to Moosonee so I haven't made much progress on my Year of Projects.

    Next week though ... !!!