Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to take a minute and wish my followers and other readers best wished for a happy and healthy new year!

I don't (as a rule) make hard and fast resolutions... never have really...

I do have a few exciting knitting related things coming up this year though... I will see the Year of Projects group through to the end of June this year - which I have been a part of since July 1st, 2011... I will also be participating in a 12 for myself in 2012 group on Ravelry. These 2 groups have really helped me to focus my knitting a little more... and my productivity has boomed because of it! My WIPS are getting under control and I am actually finishing things! What is exciting, is in the 12 for myself group, I am being forced to make somethings for myself! And for someone who historically doesn;t do this, that is amazing. Within this same group I will be participating in my very first Knit ALong (KAL). Super excited still!

One thing that is coming up at the end of this month is a "Crop for the Cure" event that I have participated in before, but as a scrapbooker - thing time I will likely take a bunch of knitting projects... 22 hours of creating bliss! All going toward a good cause for Breast Cancer! I have a couple of gals at work that would love for me to make them a headband or two - I can get those started and finished in an evening, and may just do a few of them, and when the co-workers ask how much, I will tell them - make a sizeable donation to the Cosmic Girls for the weekend to end breast cancer and I will be happy.... stash year for something that doesn't take much time, but can go toward a great cause...

That leads me into another thing I would like to do more of this year... charity Knitting. I may make a few hats and scratch mitts for the pediatric department in a couple of local hospitals, as well as mitts and hats for an inner city school that I used to work at - for children that often don't come to school well equiipped for cold weather.

Amazing how a new year seems to bring on a world of new possibilities... thank you for taking the time to read my blog and follow my journey...


  1. Happy New Year to you too!
    I am experiencing the same feelings about the Year of Projects group--I am much more focused and purposeful with my knitting. I am branching out with some charity knitting--my work friends knitting group is knitting blankets to donate to a pediatric interim care clinic which takes care of drug babies until they are stable enough to go home--I am anxious to get going on mine.

  2. Happy New Year! What great crafty resolutions.

  3. I don't usually make NY resolutions either b/c I know I'll break them. I do have one - design.
    Oh but you're tempting me also w/that 12 for Me!

  4. Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions. I think the idea of making 12 things for yourself is an excellent one.

  5. Come join the 12 for myself in 2012 over on revelry! The more the merrier!

  6. Right you are, the New Year gives us all chances. Hope you do the charity work, I know how rewarding it is.

  7. Happy New Year to you also, as we turned into the new year I had a think on my list and want to see many more finishes. I love the thought of 12 things for yourself...I don't know would I last past 1, I'd be back to thinking oh...(insert name) would love that ! and so I'd be a failure

  8. Happy New Year and good luck with all your WIPs. You sound as if you're going to be very busy this year.