Sunday, January 15, 2012

a not too productive update...

Not too much to share this week... except for a couple of add ons to "The List" - and a couple of reasons why I haven't been so focussed on my YoP list...

First the diversions...

I have been making quick knits for a couple of gals at work... headbands and hats mostly (even though I am making a pair of legwarmers right now that are pretty close to killing me... they don't knit up as fast as hats and headbands!). What is nice about these diversions though, is instead of paying me for my time and materials, they are making nice donations to me, for a function I am attending in two weeks.
It is called (click the image for more information)

This wicked event is taking place on the 27th and 28th of January. Me and my two best friends will be making the trek to Oakville Ontario (in rush hour!) and partaking in this 22hrs of crafty madness! It is mostly for scrapbooking and other paper crafts, but I will have a various knitted projects in tow, and maybe the odd scrappy one... but I don't know yet. All of my donations I take will go to the Cosmic Girls Team, and they will be participating in the Weekend to End Women's Cancers later this year.

Pretty good reasons for the diversions don't ya think?

Next, the add ons... in the lastest issue of Creative Knitting there was this...

The skirt is made with that fancy yarn that I made all those scarves with last year! I have added that to my list and will be making it for my neice - who is turning 1 in June. I will likely also make it for my 2 yer old neice, I will just have to adjust the pattern to make it bigger for her...

Next is the Girl Friday Sweater Jacket - I have talked about it a couple of times on here. If you look at past posts, you will find a picture of it... I started the ribbing last night, and I have altered it to knit it all in 1 piece up to the arm holes. That way I won't have to sew the side seams later! I like that.

Must go and do another row or two of ribbing, and continue to work on these leg warmers... I need to get my donations together by the end of the week so I don't have to worry about it closer to the date...

Happy Sunday Everyone!


  1. Good reason for a diversion. definitely. And that skirt is adorable!

  2. Wonderful cause, have fun. Adorable sweater and skirt and your model..........she's precious.

  3. Sounds like an excellent thing to be distracted by!

  4. You are so knittin' busy! Kudos to you on coordinating the knitting for the cause. That'll be one cute skirt for your niece. That is one awesome Girl Friday cardi as well.

  5. My goodness, what little girl wouldn't love that skirt! Aren't you the nicest Auntie!?!

  6. What a fun way to support a great cause! The skirt is adorable---so, so , sweet.